I’ll never know how much I love you because I love you more and more each day. My love for you is literally exponential.

Is it too soon to say I love you cause I do…

Things that make me throw up: when you’ve read a message I sent to you.

Some nights I’m scared of the dark… Tonight is one of those nights.

Fun story…I know the guy from my last post…

People always wonder why I’m angry….I HAVEN’T HAD SEX IN OVER 8 MONTHS WHY DO YOU THINK

Ready to die

You are important.

Says who


Wish I could call you just to cry for a minute and have someone listen but no I’m doomed to die alone inside my head

Life is not worth living. Pull the trigger on me.

Why am I not dead yet

I feel empty and lost and death is the only solution.

I bet you wish you never dated someone who actually fell in love with you.